Which Disney princess (or fairy) might share your astrological sign?

Like Ariel, you're probably adventurous, courageous, confident and quick-witted. You enjoy a good challenge. You can be impulsive and impatient.

Others: Anna and Wendy

Like Tinker Bell, you're probably loyal, warm, determined and persistent. You have an excellent memory, and you love pretty things. You can be stubborn.

Others: Rosetta and Merryweather

Like Belle, you're probably adaptable, intellectual, talkative, quick and clever. You enjoy reading, and have a way with words. You can be sly and inquisitive.

Others: Alice

Like Snow White, you're probably emotional, loving and protective. You like taking pictures and keeping mementos. You can be moody.

Others: Kida

Like Jasmine, you're probably generous, creative, enthusiastic, loyal and loving. You like to entertain. You can be a little bossy.

Others: Megara

Like Pocahontas, you're probably meticulous, practical and intelligent. You like order and neatness. You can be perfectionistic.

Others: Iridessa and Flora

Like Cinderella, you're probably diplomatic, romantic, charming and sociable. You love music. You can be indecisive and easily infuenced.

Others: Giselle

Like Esmeralda, you're probably loyal, determined, emotional and passionate. You enjoy solving puzzles and riddles. You can be secretive.

Others: Elsa and Silvermist

Like Rapunzel, you're probably optimistic, enthusiastic, honest and freedom-loving. You like to travel and try new things. You can be restless.

Others: Eilonwy, Merida and Fawn

Like Tiana, you're probably practical, prudent, patient, ambitious, disciplined and resourceful. You're attached to traditions. You can be pessimistic.

Others: Nakoma

Like Mulan, you're probably friendly, honest, loyal, inventive, independent and intellectual. You like what is different and original. You can be unpredictable.

Others: Jane

Like Aurora, you're probably imaginative, sensitive, kind and compassionate. You love animals. You can be impractical and easily led.

Others: Charlotte and Fauna