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Top 10 Disney Couples


1. Ariel and Eric - Final Score: 34/40

Ariel and Eric
Odds of meeting: Sure, she's a princess and he's a prince, but one lives under the sea and the other up on land. Were it not for Ariel's curiosity, bravery and sheer determination, she would certainly never have met Eric.
Score: 10

Obstacles overcome: As if it weren't hard enough for Ariel to adapt to life on land and try to communicate her feelings for Eric without being able to speak, Ursula has to go and do her utmost to sabotage her efforts.
Score: 8

Friendship: As they are both spirited, enthusiastic, romantic and naturally curious, they get along easily.
Score: 8

Likeability as a couple: From the moment they meet on the beach it becomes obvious that there's something special about these two.
Score: 8


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