Top 10 Disney Couples


2. Anna and Kristoff - Final Score: 33/40

Anna, Kristoff

Movie: Frozen (2013)

Odds of meeting: It's unlikely, but not impossible, that Anna and Kristoff would have crossed paths had Arendelle not been trapped in eternal winter. Score7

Obstacles overcome: After battling the elements, fighting off wolves and escaping from a giant snow creature, Anna and Kristoff must race against the clock to save Anna's heart from freezing over. Score7

Friendship: The more time they spend together the more they genuinely like each other, and the more time they want to spend together. Theirs is a pure friendship, free from any pretense. Score: 9

Likeability as a couple: It's hard not to fall in love with Anna and Kristoff, even before they realise they've fallen for each other. Score: 10

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