Top 10 Disney Heroes


2. Aladdin - Final Score: 33/40


Movie: Aladdin (1992)

Smarts: Aladdin is clever, cunning and creative. Left to fend for himself at a young age, he quickly learned to adapt in order to survive. His kind heart leads him to help others in need, but at times may cloud his judgment. His dreamy nature does not always let him see things or people for what they are. Score7

Bravery: Aladdin is a real do-gooder. Bold and daring, he doesn't flinch before danger. Score9

Determination: Aladdin is determined to make a better life for himself and to win the heart of princess Jasmine. Luckily for him, he has a genie to help him along. But it's his selfless heroism that benefits him most in the end. Score: 8

Spirit of adventure: Adventure often seems to find Aladdin. When it doesn't, he's sure to find it himself. Score: 9

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