Top 10 Disney Heroes


7. Quasimodo - Final Score: 30/40


Movie: The Hunchback of Notre-Dame (1996)

Smarts: Quasimodo is not unintelligent, but he is extremely naive, expecially with respect to Frollo. Unwittingly, he leads the latter to the Court of Miracles. Score7

Bravery: Few heroes are as brave as Quasi, who saves Esmeralda and demands sanctuary in defiance of Claude Frollo. Score9

Determination: The hold that Frollo has over Quasi generally undermines the latter's determination, until Esmeralda gains a stronger hold yet. Score: 7

Spirit of adventure: Quasimodo dreams of living free among the people of Paris, and shows great courage when he ventures out at last, but he doesn't have a natural inclination for adventure. Score: 7

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