Top 10 Disney Heroines


1. Merida - Final Score: 35/40


Movie: Brave (2012)

Smarts: It's quite cunning of Merida to compete for her own hand, but it's never a good idea to resort to the powers of a witch for anything unless one is in very dire straits, which she is not. That she learns from the mistake she makes in her pride and impetuousness, however, does redeem her. Score7

Bravery: Merida shows her bravery many times, but perhaps most notably when she defends her mother and fights Mor'du. The movie she stars in isn't titled "Brave" for nothing. Score9

Determination: Her love for her mother determines her to do everything in her power to reverse the spell that is upon her. Score: 9

Spirit of adventure: Even as a child, she is eager to explore and experiment, following a will-o'-the-wisp through the forest fearlessly. As she grows, so does her spirit of adventure. Defying tradition, she follows her own path. Score: 10

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