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Top 10 Disney Heroines

The world was introduced in 1937 to young princess Snow White: Disney's first heroine. Since then many have graced the silver screen. Using the criteria listed below, we picked the top 10.

Criteria: Smarts, bravery, determination and spirit of adventure.

10. Rapunzel - Final Score: 26/40


Movie: Tangled (2010)

Smarts: Rapunzel rashly makes a deal with Flynn to take her to see the lanterns. Flynn is a stranger to her at this point. There's no reason for her to trust him. Though a certain naivete must be expected in a girl so long kept away from society, was she not warned by Mother Gothel to be wary of strangers? Score6

Bravery: Rapunzel bravely confronts Mother Gothel and declares that she will never let her use her hair again. Afterwards, she is willing to sacrifice her freedom to heal Eugene. Score6

Determination: Her determination to see the floating lights up close is so strong that she leaves her tower at last, against Mother Gothel's instructions. Score: 7

Spirit of adventure: When Rapunzel's finally at liberty to explore the real world, her hunger for adventure increases so that it prevails over her fears.
Score: 7

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