Top 10 Disney Heroines


2. Mulan - Final Score: 34/40


Movie: Mulan (1998)

Smarts: It takes a great deal of cleverness and ressourcefulness to go unnoticed as a woman for so long among so many men. And it's Mulan's cunning strategy that puts an abrupt stop to the Huns' progress. Score8

Bravery: None is so brave as a soldier who goes off to war. Mulan risks more than her life by taking her father's place and posing as a man in order to fight. Score10

Determination: Even Shang is surprised at how determined Mulan is to conquer every obstacle he subjects her to in training. Score: 9

Spirit of adventure: Mulan is not always eager to try new things, but it certainly takes an adventurous spirit to leave one's family and head into the unknown. Score: 7

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