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Top 10 Disney Heroines


4. Ariel

Final Score: 32/40


Smarts: Okay, so she's young and in love, but agreeing to pay a visit to a sea witch, whose only endorsers are two of the sneakiest eels imaginable, is just not smart.
Score: 5

Bravery: What she loses in the "smarts" category she gains here, for she is brave enough to lead a shark on a chase, brave enough to meet Ursula, and brave enough not only to take a close look at humans, but to walk, run and dance among them on two brand-spanking-new legs.
Score: 8

Determination: Ignoring her father's urgings, discounting Ursula's advantage, not to mention risking her freedom, Ariel is ready to do most anything to be with Prince Eric.
Score: 8

Spirit of adventure: Flounder may slow her down on occasion, but nothing seems to quench her thirst for adventure.
Score: 10

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