Top 10 Disney Heroines


5. Belle - Final Score: 31/40


Movie: Beauty and the Beast (1991)

Smarts: Witty, clever, well-read and street-smart, Belle may well be the most mentally gifted of Disney's heroines, though her curiosity and stubbornness sometimes get the better of her good instincts. Score9

Bravery: Her love for her father gives her the courage to set out in search of him alone, and then to ask the Beast to take his place in the tower. Score8

Determination: Belle might be better described as stubborn rather than determined, but it certainly requires determination, coupled with bravery, to do what she must to find and save her father. Score: 7

Spirit of adventure: Belle experiences many adventures through her books, but though she wishes there were more to the provincial life she leads, she isn't as demonstrably ready or willing as other Disney heroines to set out on an adventure. Score: 7

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