Top 10 Disney Heroines


7. Tiana - Final Score: 29/40


Movie: The Princess and the Frog (2009)

Smarts: Tiana is smart enough to know that success comes with hard work, and that she must rely on herself to achieve her goals. Unlike other heroines, who enter all too quickly into agreements with dubious characters, she refuses to strike a deal with Dr. Facilier. Score8

Bravery: Tiana is most brave as a frog. In this state she has to avoid getting caught and eaten on more than one occasion. Score7

Determination: Tiana is so determined to earn enough money to open a restaurant, which her father dreamed about, that she works long and hard at two different diners. Score: 9

Spirit of adventure: Tiana is sensible and practical, always taking things one step at a time and playing it safe. Slow and steady, she has little inclination for adventure. Score: 5

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