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Top 10 Disney Heroines


9. Esmeralda

Final Score: 28/40


Smarts: Esmeralda is one of the rare heroines who combines street smarts with emotional intelligence. She reads people remarkably well. However, her powerful emotions sometimes put her safety in jeopardy.
Score: 7

Bravery: Esmeralda saves both Quasimodo and Phoebus from execution and repeatedly defies Claude Frollo. When Frollo gives her the choice either to be with him or to burn at the stake, she spits in his face.
Score: 8

Determination: Esmeralda risks her life time and again in order to help her people defend themselves against oppression.
Score: 7

Spirit of adventure: Though very brave and daring, Esmeralda is more easy-going than adventurous.
Score: 6

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