Fun stuff

Other Jokes

Where does ice cream get an education?

Submitted by Ariana

If Frosty the snowman married a vampire, what would they name their child?

Submitted by Emily

What do you call a chicken that crosses the road, falls into a mud puddle, and then crosses the road again?

Submitted by Emily and Aimee

What is the sand's favorite food?

Submitted by Cain

Who keeps stealing all the soap in the bathroom?

Submitted by Ashlynn

Where does a Polar Bear keeps its money?

Submitted by Milli

What do you call two robbers?

Submitted by Kitt Gordon

Where do bunny rabbits go after getting married?

Submitted by Olivia

What happened to Mickey Mouse when he spun?

Submitted by Amanda

What do elfs learn at elf school?

Submitted by Rabia

What's a snake's favorite subject?

Submitted by Skye Robertson