Top 10 Disney Villains


2. Claude Frollo

Final Score: 34/40

Claude Frollo

Evil goal: Frollo views all gypsies in the most hateful light and aims to rid Paris of them all.
Score: 10

Evildoings: Callously he burns down houses and kills gypsies. To quell his own demons he sentences Esmeralda to be burned at the stake. He treats Quasimodo cruelly throughout his life, and even tries to kill him.
Score: 10

Craftiness: Frollo tricks Quasimodo into leading him to the Court of Miracles. He manipulates as many people as he can into believing that what he does is God's will.
Score: 8

Powers: His power and influence over others, particularly over Quasimodo, is substantial, but it wears off once he is seen for what he really is: a monster.
Score: 6

Henchmen/sidekick bonus or minus points: Frollo has neither henchman nor sidekick to speak of, though the guards are expected to obey him as their superior.
Score: 0

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