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Top 10 Disney Villains

by Disneyclips.com

3. Ursula - Final Score: 33/40


Movie: The Little Mermaid (1989)

Evil goal: Resenting Triton, the king of Atlantica, for banishing her from the underwater city, she bides her time until she can have her revenge and take the crown from him. Score7

Evildoings: Ursula has no pity for those merfolk she tricks into making deals with her. She actually collects and displays them in her home. She takes pleasure in watching Triton writhe. Despite her tacit agreement with him not to harm Ariel, she attempts to kill her, as well as Eric. Score7

Craftiness: Ursula manipulates Ariel expertly, convincing her to sign a contract with her. When she begins to fear that the little mermaid might end up with the better part of the deal, she transforms herself into a beautiful young woman and uses Ariel's voice to entrance the prince. Score: 9

Powers: Being an accomplished witch, Ursula can easily cast spells, concoct potions and change her appearance and size. Score: 9

Henchmen/sidekicks: Ursula is very fond of Flotsam and Jetsam, whom she affectionately calls "poopsies". The devoted eels serve her well. Such instances include luring Ariel to the sea witch's lair and capsizing the boat in time to stop Eric from kissing Ariel. Score: +1