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Top 10 Disney Villains


4. Scar

Final Score: 32/40


Evil goal: For a long time Scar has desired nothing more than to take over the Pride Lands and rule as king.
Score: 7

Evildoings: Jealous and resentful that Simba would ascend the throne after his father, and that he, Scar, would likely never be king, he attempts to have his nephew killed. Then he murders his own brother and attempts again to have Simba killed.
Score: 9

Craftiness: Scar uses trickery and cunning to form an alliance with the hyenas and to arrange the deaths of Mufasa and Simba by a wildebeest stampede.
Score: 8

Powers: He says so himself that his brains more than make up for what he lacks in brute strength.
Score: 7

Henchmen/sidekick bonus or minus points: Though the hyenas turn on him in the end, without them Scar would not have been able to keep the throne he usurped.
Score: +1

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