Top 10 Disney Villains


5. Maleficent - Final Score: 31/40


Movie: Sleeping Beauty (1959)

Evil goal: Angry at the king and queen, who neglected to invite her to the special event celebrating Aurora's birth, Maleficent seeks revenge. Score6

Evildoings: In her anger Maleficent puts a death curse on the innocent baby princess. Score8

Craftiness: Knowing that Prince Phillip could wake the sleeping beauty, Maleficent kidnaps him and locks him in her dungeon. When he escapes, she raises a veritable forest of thorns all round the castle, that he might not enter it. Score: 7

Powers: Maleficent is one of the most powerful Disney villains: a fact that can be easily ascertained when she transforms into a great fire-breathing dragon. Score: 9

Henchmen/sidekicks: She has many goons at her beck and call, but the loyal crow, who acts as her spy, is her favourite. Score: +1

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