Top 10 Disney Villains


7. The Evil Queen - Final Score: 28/40

The Evil Queen

Movie: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)

Evil goal: In her quest to be the fairest one of all, the Evil Queen is determined to eliminate her own stepdaughter Snow White. Score8

Evildoings: When the huntsman fails to fulfill the task she gives him of killing Snow White, the Queen takes matters into her own hands. Score7

Craftiness: That the fearful princess might not recognise her, the Queen transforms herself into an old crone and gives her a poisoned apple, which sends poor Snow White into a death-like sleep. Score: 7

Powers: The Queen uses witchcraft. In her castle she has access to various magical items and books filled with spells. Score: 7

Henchmen/sidekicks: Her best allies appear to be the magic mirror and the huntsman. The mirror gives her information, which proves useful, but the huntsman disobeys her orders.
Score: -1

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