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Top 10 Disney Villains


8. Captain Hook

Final Score: 25/40

Captain Hook

Evil goal: Captain Hook is bitterly determined to rid himself of the bane of his existence: Peter Pan.
Score: 7

Evildoings: Between shooting cannonballs and engaging in swordfighting, he kidnaps Princess Tiger Lily, then uses Tinker Bell against Peter Pan in his effort to kill his sworn enemy.
Score: 8

Craftiness: His plans are crafty indeed, but his impatience, volatile temper and excessive fear of ticking clocks usually undermine his resolution.
Score: 5

Powers: He's skilful in the use of sword and hook, and has great influence over his crew of burly pirates.
Score: 6

Henchmen/sidekick bonus or minus points: Though loyal and ever eager to please, Smee ends up being a nuisance to his captain more often than not.
Score: -1

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