Classic Mickey Mouse and Friends Clip Art 2

with images of classic/retro Mickey and Minnie Mouse and Pluto

Note: These images were colored and clipped by Please include a source link when sharing online.

Mickey, Minnie kissMickey, Minnie sitting back to backMickey, Minnie posingMickey, Minnie walking hand in handMickey offering Minnie flowersMickey, Minnie posingMinnie kissing Mickey's cheekPlayful Mickey, Minnie MouseMickey picking flowers; Minnie nappingMickey, Minnie talking on phoneMinnie offering Mickey hankyMinnie kissing MickeyMickey offering Minnie plush lionMickey courting MinnieMinnie tickling Mickey's chinMickey, Minnie walking arm in armMickey, Minnie huggingClassic Mickey, Pluto Mickey offering Pluto a boneMickey, PlutoMickey offering Pluto ice cream coneMickey, Pluto playing with old sockMickey, Pluto playing with stickClassic Pluto playing soccerClassic PlutoSad Pluto


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