Donald Duck Clip Art 2

with images of Disney's Donald Duck flying a kite, throwing a temper tantrum, playing basketball, shopping, mining, going swimming, golfing, etc.

Note: These images were colored and clipped by Please include a source link when sharing online.

Aviator Donald holding model airplaneBundled up in winter coat, carrying a sledRunning in a bathing suitDonald Duck shoppingConfidentPlaying golfSeeing starsDonald the minerIrritated Donald DuckDigging in dirt with shovelFlying a kiteEnergetic DonaldDonald Duck throwing temper tantrumDonald DuckDonald DuckDonald DuckCheerful DonaldDonald throwing temper tantrumAngry DonaldConfrontational DonaldCheerful Donald DuckGrumpy Donald DuckDonald DuckDonald Duck's faceHolding umbrella in the rainDonald DuckScreamingPlaying basketballPlaying basketballPlaying basketballSkateboardingSkateboardingSkateboarding