Goofy Clip Art

with images of Disney's Goofy barbecuing, eating a sandwich, slipping on a banana peel, golfing, jogging, bicycling, etc.
last updated on July 1st 2020

Note: These images were colored and clipped by Please include a source link when sharing online.

Goofy seasoning his burger patties on the barbecueGoofy flipping burgers on the barbecueGoofy standing next to his surfboardGoofy taking pictures of fish underwaterPirate GoofyGoofy carrying a frosted cakeGoofy holding an ice cream coneConfused GoofyGoofy dancingGoofy's awkward poseGoofy trying judoJoggingDon't try this at homeGoofy walking away from footprints in cement without his shoesGoofy at a partyGoofy eating a sandwichGoofy eating a sandwichGoofy surfingDoctor Goofy singing into stethoscopeGoofy carrying heavy glass towards banana peelGoofy with bow and arrowGoofy rolling empty wheelbarrowGoofy hitchhiking in outer spaceGoofy shruggingGoofy slipping on banana peelGoofy playing golfGoofy relaxingGoofy walkingGoofy walkingGoofy baseballGoofy playing basketballCowboy Goofy