Goofy Clip Art 3

with images of Disney's Goofy diving, singing, performing magic tricks, making silly faces, playing soccer, playing the trumpet and the tuba, raking leaves, etc.

Note: These images were colored and clipped by Please include a source link when sharing online.

Tipping his hatConfused GoofyPlaying the trumpetPlaying the tubaWavingRaking leavesThrowing apple core in trashGoofy, giraffePlaying golfDivingRunning scaredJoking aroundSingingStruck on backside by soccer ballPlaying soccerPlaying soccerPlaying soccerTiredGoofy's facePlaying electric guitarHanging outWearing ice skatesSlipping on iceGoofy the magicianGoofy rabbit earsFloating away with balloonsOff to workSitting downShy GoofySaying helloHappy GoofyConfused GoofySilly GoofyGoofy in pyjamasOblivious to snowball