The Fox and the Hound
The Best of Friends
Goodbye may seem forever
Elimination: Lack of Education
Appreciate the Lady

The Frozen Heart (Ice Workers' Song)
Do You Want to Build a Snowman?
For the First Time in Forever
Love is an Open Door
Let it Go
Reindeer(s) are Better than People
In Summer
First Time in Forever, Reprise

Frozen Fever
Making Today a Perfect Day

Fun and Fancy Free
My, What a Happy Day
Say it With a Slap
Fe Fi Fo Fum
Eat Until I Die
My Favorite Dream
Happy-Go-Lucky Fellow
Fun and Fancy Free
The Lazy Countryside
Too Good to be True

A Goofy Movie
I 2 I
Stand Out
On the Open Road
After Today
Lester's Possum Park
Nobody Else But You

The Great Mouse Detective
Goodbye so Soon
Let me be Good to you
The World's Greatest Criminal Mind

Zero to hero
I won't say I'm in love
Go the distance
A Star is Born
One Last Hope
The Gospel Truth
The Gospel Truth ll
The Gospel Truth lll

Home on the Range
Little Patch of Heaven
Will the Sun Ever Shine Again

The Hunchback of Notre-Dame
Topsy Turvy
God help the outcasts
Out there
Court of Miracles
The Bells of Notre-Dame
Heaven's Light
A Guy Like You

The Adventures of Ichabod
and Mr. Toad

The Merrily Song
Ichabod Crane
The Headless Horseman

The Jungle Book
The Bare necessities
I wanna be like you
That's What Friends are for
Trust in Me
Colonel Hathi's March
My Own Home

Lady and the Tramp
Bella Notte
Siamese song
He's a Tramp

The Lion King
I just can't wait to be King
Circle of life
Can you feel the love tonight
Hakuna Matata
Be Prepared

The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride
We are one
My Lullaby
Love will find a way
One of Us

The Little Mermaid
Under the sea
Part of your world
Kiss the girl
Poor Unfortunate souls
Les Poissons
Fathoms Below
Daughters of Triton
Vanessa's Song

The Little Mermaid:
Return to the Sea

Down to the Sea
Here on the land and sea
Tip and Dash
For a moment

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