Release date: February 2nd 1940
Length: 88 minutes
Purchase Status: Signature Collection edition available
Live-action version: In development
Followed by: Fantasia


While the kindly toymaker Geppetto sleeps, a blue fairy brings his beloved marionette Pinocchio to life, beginning a fantastic odyssey that will test the wooden puppet's bravery, loyalty and honesty - virtues he must learn to become a real boy. Despite the warnings of his wise friend, Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio befriends a variety of roguish characters, leading up to his climactic battle with Monstro the whale!


GepettoChristian Rub
Jiminy CricketCliff Edwards
LampwickFrankie Darro
PinocchioDickie Jones
StromboliCharles Judels
Blue FairyEvelyn Venable

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Blue Fairy, Pinocchio Gepetto, Pinocchio Cleo Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket Pinocchio, Foulfellow Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket Stromboli Pinocchio Pinocchio's nose growing Lampwick transforming into donkey Pinocchio becomes a real boy Cleo, Figaro Jiminy Cricket When you wish upon a star