Toy Story



Release date: November 22nd 1995
Length: 81 minutes
Purchase Status: Available
Sequel: Toy Story 2
Followed by: A Bug's Life


Woody, a cowboy doll, is Andy's favorite. But when Buzz Lightyear arrives, the space hero takes Andy's room by storm! Their rivalry leaves them lost and in a nightmare with Sid, a toy-torturing boy next door. To escape they need to work together.


WoodyTom Hanks
Buzz LightyearTim Allen
Mr. Potato HeadDon Rickles
RexWallace Shawn
Slinky DogJim Varney
HammJohn Ratzenberger
Bo PeepAnnie Potts
AndyJohn Morris
Andy's MomLaurie Metcalf
SidErik von Detten

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Army men Woody Woody, Bo Peep Buzz Lightyear Buzz, Hamm, Slinky, Mr. Potato Head Rex Buzz, martians Buzz, Slinky