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Zootopia Mammals-Only Trivia

Judy Hopps: Rabbit
Judy HoppsDid you know?
There are more than 50 species of rabbit. Most live in a series of underground tunnels. Just like the deer, the male is called a buck and the female a doe.

A rabbit's teeth (fortunately, unlike their long ears) never stop growing! But through wear from chewing, they remain relatively short.

Its eyes being positioned on either side of its head, the rabbit has a wide range of vision.

Nick Wilde: Fox
Nick WildeDid you know?
The fox belongs to the Canidae family, which includes wolves and coyotes. Males are called dogs; females are called vixens and babies are called kits and pups.

Like cats, they have retractable claws, which allow them to climb trees, and vertical pupils, which help them judge distance, even at night.

Like squirrels, they sometimes bury their food for later consumption, and like rabbits, moles and gophers, they live in a burrow.

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