Toy Story Clip Art (3)

with images of Woody, Bo Peep, Sid, Slinky and Buzz Lightyear - last updated on October 1st 2020

Note: These images were colored and clipped by Please include a source link when sharing online.

Buzz flyingBuzz thinkingBuzz runningBuzz gliding through the air on red hotwheels carBuzz runningBuzz pointingBuzz runningBuzz pointing laserBuzzBuzz salutingBuzzBuzz, Etch a SketchBuzzWoody using Buzz's karate chopnewBuzz Lightyear, WoodyWoody, Buzz posingBuzz, Woody posingBuzz, WoodyBuzz, Woody flyingWoody, SidWoody with his hands on his hipsWoody tipping his hatWoodyWoodyWoodyWoody, lassoWoodyWoody runningWoody with his arms crossedWoodyWoodyWoodyWoody runningWoodyBo Peep kissing WoodyBo PeepBo PeepBo Peep, Slinky