Encanto Clip Art

all-original transparent png images of Mirabel, Luisa, Isabela, Camilo, Dolores and Antonio Madrigal, Pepa, Bruno, Felix, Alma, Julieta, Augustin, Pico the Toucan and Chispi the Capybara

Last updated March 1st 2023

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Mirabel with butterfliesnewMirabel cheeringnewMirabel dancingMirabel playing the accordionMirabel with a butterflyMirabel MadrigalMirabel twirling her hairMirabel posingMirabel with a butterflyMirabel and Antonio with his presentnewMirabel, Luisa and IsabelaLuisa and Isabela MadrigalLuisa Madrigal riding a donkey unicornLuisa Madrigal carrying a donkeyLuisa Madrigal with her hands on her hipsLuisa MadrigalLuisa MadrigalIsabela posingnewIsabela portraitIsabela swinging from a vine, making flowers bloomIsabela MadrigalIsabela MadrigalIsabelaIsabelaBruno putting on a play with his ratsnewBruno with his ratsnewBruno sitting down with a ratBrunoBrunoPepa MadrigalPepa MadrigalPepaFelixCamilo playing soccerCamilo MadrigalCamiloDoloresAntonio with Parce, Pico and the cabyranewAntonio with toucans and Parce the jaguarAntonio with Parce the JaguarAntonioAntonio, snakeAntonio and Pico the toucanPico the toucan flyingCapybaraCapybaraMirabel with her mother JulietaJulieta MadrigalAugustin and JulietanewAbuela Alma Madrigal


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