A Little Bit of Food

Lyrics from Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess

Sofia, Clover, Birds

[Clover:] We've helped princesses for many eons
But you treat us all like furry peons
We make your bed, cean up your messes
[Birds:] Wake you up and put on all your dresses

[Clover:] And what's our reward?
What thanks do we get?
Not a crumb, not a morsel
No brie, no baguette

Did you really think
After all these years
When we did your chores
We were volunteers?

[Clover & birds:] A little bit of food is all that we seek
A little bit to eat
[Clover:] Fill our tummy
[Birds:] Wet our beak

[Clover & birds:] A little bit to munch
[Robin:] Like breakfast
[Mia:] Dinner
[Clover:] Lunch
A nut, a seed, a bean
Or just some rice
[Clover & birds:] 'Cause a little bit of food
Would sure be nice

[Clover:] It really isn't much
Not too much for us to ask
After helping you daily
With each little task

[Birds:] Just a bite or two
Such a modest fee
Even little songbirds
Shouldn't sing for free

[Sofia:] Well, if food is what you want
[Birds:] Just a little bit
[Sofia:] You've come to the right castle. Follow me!

[Clover & Birds:] A little bit to munch
And there's nothing quite like brunch
[Clover:] So, deliver just a sliver or a slice
[Clover & birds:] Of whatever tasty treat
All the royal people eat

[Clover:] We'd be glad to make some room
[Clover & birds:] For a lentil or legume
[Clover:] If ya want some first-class service
[Clover & birds:] There's a price
And a little bit of food
Would sure be nice

[Clover:] Oh, a little bit of food
[Birds:] A little bit of food
[Clover:] Just a little bit of food
[Clover & birds:] Just a little bit of food
[Clover:] Nice!

Lyrics transcribed by Disneyclips.com

Music by John Kavanaugh; lyrics by Craig Gerber
Performed by Wayne Brady, Ashley Eckstein, Meghan Strange and Ariel Winter

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