The Aristocats

Release date: December 24th 1970
Length: 79 minutes
Tagline: 'A tune-filled animated extravaganza'
Preceded by: The Jungle Book
Followed by: Robin Hood
The Aristocats


This enchanting tale begins in Paris, when a kind and eccentric millionairess wills her entire fortune to her family of cats! Overhearing her plan, Edgar, the greedy butler, catnaps duchess, the elegant mother and her three kittens and abandons them in the french countryside. The charming Thomas O'Malley, a rough-and-tumble alley cat, saunters by and offers to escort them home.


Thomas O'MalleyPhil Harris
DuchessEva Gabor
RoquefortSterling Holloway
Scat CatScatman Crothers
Chinese CatPaul Winchell
BerliozDean Clark
MarieLiz English
ToulouseGary Dubin
EdgarRoddy M.-Roxby

Photo Gallery

Scat cat
Edgar, cats
Marie, Berlioz, Toulouse on train tracks
Marie, Berlioz, Toulouse
Thomas O'Malley
Scat Cat and his friends