The Fox and the Hound

Release date: July 10th 1981
Length: 83 minutes
Sequel/Prequel: The Fox and the Hound 2 (2006)
Preceded by: The Rescuers
Followed by: The Black Cauldron
The Fox and the Hound

Movie Synopsis

When a feisty little fox named Tod is adopted into a farm family, he quickly becomes friends with a fun and adorable hound puppy named Copper. Life is full of hilarious adventures until Copper is expected to take on his role as a hunting dog – and the object of his search is his best friend!

Cast of Characters / Credits

Adult TodMickey Rooney
Adult CopperKurt Russell
Big MamaPearl Bailey
Amos SladeJack Albertson
VixeySandy Duncan
Widow TweedJeanette Nolan
ChiefPat Buttram
DinkyRichard Bakalyan
BoomerPaul Winchell
Young TodKeith Coogan
Young CopperCorey Feldman

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Amos, Copper
Tod, Copper
Big Mama
Tod, Vixey
Dinky, Boomer