Goofy Goof made his debut on May 25th 1932 in 'Mickey's Revue'. An avid - though clumsy - sportsman, he's always ready for a new challenge. He starred in his own cartoon series entitled 'Goof Troop' which ran from September 1st 1992 to December 5th 1993, and was adapted into two feature films: 'A Goofy Movie' in 1995 and 'An Extremely Goofy Movie' in 2000.

In Denmark, he is known as Fedtmule; in Estonia, Kupi; in Finland, Hessu Hopo; in France, Dingo; in Iceland, Ferdinand; in Italy, Pippo; in Norway, Langbein; and in Portugal, Pateta.

Favorite expression: "Gawsh!"
Son: Max

Fun with Goofy

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