Mulan Movie Quiz

Are you a Disney movie buff who's seen Mulan so many times you've lost count? Take the quiz below to find out how well you know the animated Disney classic!

1. What fruit does Grandmother Fa give Mulan 'for serenity' before her meeting with the Matchmaker?

2. What does Mulan accidentally spill on the Matchmaker?

3. The guardians of the Fa family say that Mushu's misguidance once led Fa Deng to disaster, causing him to lose what?

4. Mushu tells Mulan that men say 'hello' by doing what?

5. What name does Mushu call Yao behind his back that infuriates the touchy recruit?

6. What is the rank of Shang's father in the army?

7. From whom does Mulan seize the last canon, so that she might use it to cause an avalanche?

8. What job does the Emperor offer Mulan?


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