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How well do you know all things Walt Disney, from the man himself to Disney's many magical movies? Take the quiz below to find out!

1. What does Ratigan from 'The Great Mouse Detective' hate being called?

2. Which of these dogs is a cocker spaniel?

3. What does Louie from 'The Jungle Book' call Mowgli?

4. How many days does Ursula give Ariel to be human?

5. Name the three colors that appear in Snow White's dress:

6. Where was Walt Disney born?

7. Of what nationality were Walt Disney's parents?

8. What did Walt Disney think was so wrong with the character Snow White that he had the artists retouch tens of thousands of drawings?

9. What was the profession of the father of Adriana Caselotti, who voiced the character of Snow White?

10. Complete this famous Walt Disney quote: "It all started with..."

11. What is the name of Goofy's son?

12. Which of the following animated movies was never made into a sequel?

13. What color is Genie in "Aladdin"?

14. What is the name of Simba's uncle?

15. Where was Sebastian from "The Little Mermaid" born?

16. Whose castle is featured most prominently in Walt Disney World?

17. What happens to Pinocchio when he tells a lie?

18. What are the names of Donald Duck's three nephews?

19. Which animated Disney movie has earned the most money at the box-office globally?

20. Wich Disney movie was NOT made into a television series?

21. In which cartoon did Mickey Mouse have his first starring role?

22. What was Pluto's initial name?

Mickey Mouse

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