Encanto Clip Art (PNG Images)

54 all-original transparent PNG images of Encanto characters Mirabel, Luisa, Isabela, Camilo, Dolores and Antonio Madrigal, Pepa, Bruno, Felix, Alma, Julieta, Agustin, Pico the Toucan and Chispi the Capybara from the Disney movie!

These free printable Encanto images are great for scrapbooking, and can be used in any non-commercial project, from homemade stickers to embroidery and every fun DIY craft in between!

Last updated October 1st 2023

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Mirabel Madrigal and her Family

  • Mirabel with a butterfly on her finger, full view
  • Mirabel with butterflies
  • Mirabel cheering
  • Mirabel dancing
  • Mirabel playing the accordion
  • Mirabel with a butterfly
  • Mirabel Madrigal
  • Mirabel twirling her hair
  • Mirabel posing
  • Mirabel with a butterfly
  • Mirabel and Antonio with his present
  • Mirabel with her mother Julieta
  • Julieta Madrigal
  • Agustin and Julieta
  • Abuela Alma Madrigal

Sisters Mirabel, Isabela and Luisa

  • Mirabel, Isabela and Luisa posing together
  • Mirabel, Luisa and Isabela
  • Luisa and Isabela Madrigal
  • Luisa Madrigal riding a donkey unicorn
  • Luisa Madrigal carrying a donkey
  • Luisa Madrigal with her hands on her hips
  • Luisa Madrigal
  • Luisa Madrigal
  • Isabela spreading flower petals around hummingbirds
  • Isabela posing
  • Isabela portrait
  • Isabela swinging from a vine, making flowers bloom
  • Isabela Madrigal
  • Isabela Madrigal
  • Isabela
  • Isabela


  • Bruno putting on a play with his rats
  • Bruno with his rats
  • Bruno sitting down with a rat
  • Bruno
  • Bruno

Pepa, Felix, Camilo and Dolores

  • Pepa Madrigal
  • Pepa Madrigal
  • Pepa
  • Felix
  • Camilo playing soccer
  • Camilo Madrigal
  • Camilo
  • Dolores

Antonio and animals

  • Antonio Madrigal
  • Antonio
  • Antonio and Pico the toucan
  • Antonio with Parce, Pico and the cabyra
  • Antonio with toucans and Parce the jaguar
  • Antonio with Parce the Jaguar
  • Antonio, snake
  • Pico the toucan flying
  • Capybara
  • Capybara


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