Kion's Lament

Lyrics from The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar


Why, why even trust me at all
They say the guard is my call
But then come tell me I'm wrong

Now what, what should I do
And who, who do I turn to
Now everything feels so upside down

Deep down, maybe I knew
It was way too good to be true
With all my friends looking up to me
Some leader I turned out to be

Maybe my journey is far from done
They need a leader
And I'm the one
So now it's time for them all to see
The lion I was born to be

It is time
To take the lead on my own
It is time
For something bigger than I've ever known
No need to wonder
The choice is done
Now I believe I truly am the one
So is it time?
Is it time?
Yes, it is time

Lyrics transcribed by

Written by Beau Black
Performed by Max Charles as Kion


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