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Lyrics from Movies A – C
The Aristocats

The Aristocats

Lyrics from The Aristocats
Composed by Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman
Performed by Maurice Chevalier

Madame Bonfamille

Which pets' address is the finest in Paris?
Which pets possess the longest pedigree?
Which pets get to sleep on velvet mats?
Naturellement! The aristocats!

Which pets are blessed with the fairest forms and faces?
Which pets know best all the gentle social graces?
Which pets live on cream and loving pats?
Naturellement! The aristocats!

They show aristocatic bearing when they're seen upon an airing
And aristocatic flair in what they do and what they say

Aristocats are never found in alleyways or hanging around
The garbage cans where common kitties play, oh no

Which pets are known to never show their claws?
Which pets are prone to hardly any flaws?
To which pets do the others tip their hats?
Naturellement! The aristocats!

Aristocats ils sont toujours même quand ils font un petit tour
Toujours précieux là où ils vont
Ils sont fiers de leur éducation
Dédaignant les ruelles, ils préfèrent les bars aux poubelles
Dont se contentent, trop vulgaires, les chats de gouttières

Ah, pouah!

Quels miaous réprouvent les gros mots?
Quels chats chou-chou s'estiment sans défaut?
Et devant qui les autres chats tirent leur chapeau?
Mais, naturellement!
Mais, naturellement!
Mais, naturellement!
Les aristocats!

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