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Lyrics from Movies T – Z
Toy Story 4

The Ballad of the Lonesome Cowboy

Lyrics from Toy Story 4
Written by Randy Newman
Performed by Chris Stapleton

Woody and friends

I was a lonesome cowboy
Lonesome as I could be
You came along, changed my life
And fixed what was broken in me

I was a lonesome cowboy
I didn't have a friend
Now I got friends comin' out of my ears
I'll never be lonesome again

You can't be happy when you're all by yourself
Go on, tell me I'm wrong
(You're wrong)
When someone takes you down from the shelf
And plays with you some, it's wonderful

I was a lonesome cowboy
But not anymore
I just found out what love is about
I've never felt this way before
I was a lonesome cowboy
But not anymore

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