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Donald Duck Clip Art 5

Last updated on April 1st 2016.

Notice: The following images were colored and clipped by Disneyclips.com. They are meant for non-profit use only, and are not to be displayed elsewhere online without a visible source link. Please read the Terms of Use.

Donald Duck smiling In a bath with a saint bernard Holding up one finger Brushing himself off Taking pictures with camera Cowboy Donald Duck Exhausted Donald Duck Holding balloons Injured Donald Duck Donald Duck on the phoneMaking a snowballLifting weights Donald Duck blowing a bubblegum bubble Water skiing Donald Duck on the computer Ice skating Donald Duck water skiing, with a shark between his legs Donald Duck mowing the lawn Driving car Swimming with a whale Dancing Holding some fish he caught Angry Donald Duck on ice skates Young Donald Duck wearing backpack Reading the paper on broken chair

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