Donald Duck Clip Art

Images of Disney's Donald Duck laughing, smiling, painting, visiting a museum, skiing, posing, etc.
last updated on November 1st 2020

Note: These images were colored and clipped by Please include a source link when sharing online.

Donald Duck stuck in the snow with his skisnewDonald Duck skiingnewDonald Duck as a security guardnewDonald Duck from behindnewDonald Duck posingnewDonald Duck bouncingnewCheerful Donald Duck popping out of the pagenewDonald Duck looking at his watchnewStuck in his hammockSurrounded by seagullsLooking anxiousDonald Duck in an inner tubeDonald Duck with a crab on his headScubadiving with a sharkPlaying in the water sprinklerDonald laughingDonald Duck as a sumo wrestlerStuck on his own signExhausted Donald DuckSmiling with thumbs upImpatient Donald DuckDonald Duck walkingDonald Duck with his feet stuck in cementHolding a red balloonDonald Duck returning from fishingDonald Duck wavingDonald painting flowers, attracted by beesDonald patching up broken vase at museumDonald struck with soccer ball through broken windowDonald striking high striker with mallet at the fairDonald kicking and pounding the ground, laughing