Daisy Duck Clip Art 2

all-original transparent png images of Disney's Daisy Duck listening to music, shopping, dusting, dancing, gardening...

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Daisy Duck clutching her purseRelaxed Daisy DuckPosingDaisy's faceLaughingListening to musicDaisy, purseRiding scooterWearing pearlsDaisy, butterfliesOn the beachRomantic DaisyDaisy, dalmatianPosingDaisy DuckFashionable DaisyDustingGymnasticsOn balance beamDaisy Duck, flowersDaisy Duck, peacockRomanticPosingAdjusting bowPosingSurprisedDancingAvoiding snowballFigure skatingDaisy in a dressCoyDancingDaisy DuckDelightedRelaxing


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