Mickey and Minnie Mouse Clip Art 3

all-original transparent png and gif images of Disney's Mickey and Minnie Mouse playing the piano, building a sandcastle, sledding, jogging, skating, dancing...

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Mickey, Minnie going on vacationRunning after birdsFloating in an umbrellaMinnie, Mickey in a carMickey, Minnie arguing over summer activitiesMickey, Minnie rollerskatingAstronauts Mickey, MinnieMinnie gushing over movie star MickeyMickey, Minnie back to backOn a walkMickey, Minnie riding a camel in the desertMickey, Minnie playing pianoGroom Mickey, bride Minnie's wedding dayOn the beachSkateboardingMickey, Minnie flowersMickey, MinnieSmilingHolding handsLooking from window in winterDancingBuilding snowmanSleddingMickey as Prince Charming, Minnie as CinderellaIn the carMickey pulling on Minnie's bowIce skatingIce skatingIce skatingExercisingMickey, MinnieSitting on a crescent moon

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