Mickey, Minnie and Pluto Clip Art

all-original transparent png and gif images of Disney's Mickey Mouse and Pluto flying a kite, playing leapfrog, visiting a museum, playing fetch, camping...

Last updated March 1st 2024

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  • Mickey Mouse giving Pluto a giant bone with a red bow
  • Mickey and Minnie getting ready to give Figaro and Pluto a bath
  • Mickey Mouse and Pluto
  • Mickey, Minnie and Pluto on a road trip
  • Mickey Mouse and Pluto swimming
  • Pluto eating from Minnie's fruit hat as she plays the maracas
  • Mickey Mouse and Pluto hugging
  • Mickey Mouse offering Pluto an ice cream cone
  • Mickey, Pluto going to construction site
  • Mickey and Minnie Mouse sledding with Pluto
  • Mickey Mouse, Pluto flying as superheroes
  • Pluto watching as Mickey stirs up a treat
  • Mickey, Pluto stealing dinosaur bone
  • Mickey playing leapfrog with Pluto
  • Mickey playing the trumpet to Pluto
  • Mickey petting Pluto
  • Mickey giving Pluto a chewing bone
  • Mickey giving Pluto a gold medal
  • Mickey hugging Pluto circle
  • Pluto giving Mickey present
  • Mickey giving Pluto a bone
  • Mickey, Pluto on a walk
  • Mickey petting Pluto
  • Mickey, Pluto flying a kite
  • Mickey hugging Pluto
  • Mickey, Pluto apple bobbing
  • Mickey, Pluto playing with tennis ball
  • Mickey, Pluto by the grill
  • Mickey, Pluto hiking
  • Mickey, Pluto go camping
  • Mickey offering apple to Pluto
  • Mickey, Pluto playing golf

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