Mickey, Minnie and Pluto Clip Art

all-original transparent png and gif images of Disney's Mickey Mouse and Pluto flying a kite, playing leapfrog, visiting a museum, playing fetch, camping...

Last updated June 1st 2023

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Mickey and Minnie getting ready to give Figaro and Pluto a bathMickey Mouse and PlutoMickey, Minnie and Pluto on a road tripMickey Mouse and Pluto swimmingPluto eating from Minnie's fruit hat as she plays the maracasMickey Mouse and Pluto huggingMickey Mouse offering Pluto an ice cream coneMickey, Pluto going to construction siteMickey and Minnie Mouse sledding with PlutoMickey Mouse, Pluto flying as superheroesPluto watching as Mickey stirs up a treatMickey, Pluto stealing dinosaur boneMickey playing leapfrog with PlutoMickey playing the trumpet to PlutoMickey petting PlutoMickey giving Pluto a chewing boneMickey giving Pluto a gold medalMickey hugging Pluto circlePluto giving Mickey presentMickey giving Pluto a boneMickey, Pluto on a walkMickey petting PlutoMickey, Pluto flying a kiteMickey hugging PlutoMickey, Pluto apple bobbingMickey, Pluto playing with tennis ballMickey, Pluto by the grillMickey, Pluto hikingMickey, Pluto go campingMickey offering apple to PlutoMickey, Pluto playing golf

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