Disney Summer Season Clip Art (3)

all-original transparent png and gif images of Donald and Daisy Duck, Mickey Mouse and Goofy, swimming, mowing the lawn, having a barbecue, water skiing...

Last updated July 1st 2022

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  • Mickey wearing sunglasses
  • Mickey carrying pool inner tube
  • Classic Mickey on the beach
  • Mickey Mouse on vacation
  • Mickey Mouse, bird
  • Mickey Mouse hugging tree
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Mickey Mouse going on vacation
  • Mickey Mouse relaxing
  • Mickey Mouse sitting against palm tree
  • Mickey Mouse offering Pluto an ice cream cone
  • Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse fist bump
  • Daisy Duck wearing sunglasses
  • Daisy Duck posing in her bathing suit on a beach towel
  • Daisy Duck ready for the pool or the beach
  • Donald Duck barbecuing
  • Donald Duck in an inner tube
  • Donald Duck with a crab on his head
  • Donald Duck playing in the water sprinkler
  • Donald Duck in bathing suit
  • Donald Duck listening to seashell
  • Donald Duck on beach
  • Donald Duck jumping into pool
  • Donald Duck water skiing
  • Donald Duck at the barbecue
  • Donald Duck mowing the lawn
  • Donald Duck swimming with whale
  • Donald Duck mowing lawn
  • Donald Duck water skiing
  • Donald trying to catch butterfly in net
  • Donald sipping pineapple drink
  • Baby Donald on beach
  • Donald and Goofy building sandcastles on the beach
  • Goofy seasoning his burger patties on the barbecue
  • Goofy flipping burgers on the barbecue
  • Goofy standing next to his surfboard


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