Jake and the Neverland Pirates Clip Art 2

all-original transparent png and gif images of Pirate Princess, Peter Pan, Cubby, Hook, Smee, Croc, Sharky, Bones

Last updated March 1st 2015

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Pirate PrincessCubbyCubbyCubbyCubby wearing a party hatCubbyCubby cheeringCubbyCubby wearing captain's hatCubbyCubbySharky, BonesBonesSharkySharky, BonesCrocSmee moppingSmeeSmeeSmee playing the drumsSmee carrying presentsSmeeCaptain HookCaptain HookCaptain HookCaptain Hook, SmeeCaptain Hook, SmeeCaptain Hook, SmeeJake, Peter Pan, Cubby, Izzy, Skully flyingPeter PanPeter Pan flying

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