Jake and the Neverland Pirates Clip Art 3

all-original transparent png and gif images of Jake, Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, John, Michael, Wendy, Nana, Cubby, Izzy, Captain Hook, Genie Hook, Smee, Winger, Seahorse and Dragon

Last updated May 1st 2016

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Jake wielding his swordJake wielding his swordJake wielding his swordJake swinging from a ropeJake looking through a telescopeJake on a seahorseJake floatingJake opening treasure chestJake with his swordJake, SkullyPeter Pan, Tinker BellNanaJohnMichaelWendyIzzy sitting on a crateIzzy moppingSkully, WingerCubby, Jake holding flowersIzzy holding flowersIzzy floatingCubby moppingCubby sitting on a pailCubby floatingCubby, Skully, Izzy, Jake, Peter PanJake, Peter Pan, DragonSmee floatingObedient SmeeGenie HookCaptain Hook, Smee

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