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Zootopia/Zootropolis Clip Art

with images of Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde, Gazelle, Flash, Mr. Big, Chief Bogo, Jerry Jumbeaux Jr, Mayor Lionheart, Yax, Bellwether, Duke Weaselton and Finnick - last updated on June 1st 2017

Note: These images were drawn (by tracing) and/or colored and clipped by Please include a source link when sharing online.

Judy, Nick Judy Hopps, Bellwether Judy Hopps, Duke Weaselton Judy running Judy Hopps Judy Hopps holding wallet Judy Hopps with arms crossed Judy Hopps holding badge Judy Hopps Judy Hopps Judy Hopps Judy, Nick running Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde Judy, Nick hugging Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde Nick Wilde Nick Wilde Nick Wilde Gazelle Flash the sloth Mr. Big Mr. Big Finnick in elephant costume Finnick Chief Bogo Chief Bogo Chief Bogo Mayor Lionheart at podium Mayor Lionheart Yax the Yak meditating Jerry Jumbeaux Jr holding giant popsicle

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