Miscellaneous Holidays Clip Art

all-original graduation, New Year's, Saint-Patrick's Day and the 4th of July (American Independance Day) transparent images, with Stitch, Tinker Bell, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Winnie the Pooh and other Disney characters

Last updated July 1st 2023

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Minnie Mouse wearing the stars and stripes of the American flagnewMickey Mouse wearing American sunglassesnewMickey Mouse dressed as Uncle SamWinnie the Pooh American Independance DayPluto holding American flagClassic Mickey holding American flagClassic Goofy holding American flagTinker Bell holding a four leafed cloverLeprechaun Stitch in a pot of gold coinsDumbo wearing a green hat carrying a cloverEeyore holding four-leafed clover in his mouthWinnie the Pooh among cloversChip, Dale St-Patrick's DanceClassic Minnie MouseMinnie Mouse, cloverMickey, Minnie dressed up for Saint-Patrick's DayClassic Mickey MouseMickey Mouse sliding down rainbowMickey Mouse St-Patrick's DayMickey Mouse St-Patrick's DayMickey Mouse on St-Patrick's Day with a pot of goldMickey Mouse St-Patrick's DayMickey Mouse St-Patrick's DayPiglet St-Patrick's DayMickey Mouse graduationMickey Mouse graduationMickey Mouse graduationMickey Mouse graduationPluto diplomaAriel, Flounder, SebastianDaisy, Minnie toastingPiglet New Year's DayWinnie the Pooh New Year's Day


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