Palace Pets Clip Art 4

with images of Page, Midnight, Snowpaws, Stripes, Bloom, Summer, Sultan, Aurora, Cinderella, Pumpkin, Bibidi, Petite, Madame Hamilot, Ash, Booksy, Alora, Cubbie and River - last updated on March 1st 2018

Note: These images were drawn (by tracing) and/or colored and clipped by Please include a source link when sharing online.

PumpkinPumpkinPumpkinPumpkinPumpkinPumpkinPumpkinPumpkinPetitPetiteCinderella, BibidiBibidiAurora, BloomAurora's pony BloomSultan runningJasmine's tiger SultanSultanRapunzel's SummerSnow White's Madame HamilotMulan's dragon AloraBelle's bunny Booksythe lambMidnightStripesSnowpawsAshRiverCubbie

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Thanks to SKGaleana for some wonderful Palace Pets coloring pages.